Get Weather-Ready with MetEd
Posted on: 2016-05-20

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As a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™, The COMET® Program is committed to helping improve the nation’s readiness for extreme weather and other hazardous events. The MetEd website hosts a suite of free, informative materials related to natural hazards preparedness, including desktop exercises for emergency managers and fun interactives to engage families in packing an emergency preparedness kit and working on a safety plan.

The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1. This year has already seen an unusual start, with the first storm of the season occurring in mid-January. New hurricane resources on MetEd include courses related to using and interpreting tropical cyclone products, detailed preparedness information for emergency managers, and resources for kids and families.

For forecasters and emergency managers:
Tropical Cyclone Storm Surge: Forecasting and Communication Course
Tropical Cyclone Winds: Forecasting and Communication Course
Community Hurricane Preparedness, 2nd Edition

For kids and families:
Hurricane Strike!

Spring and summer bring thunderstorms and large rainfall events that can cause flooding. Be informed of the processes leading to flash flooding and river and stream flooding by viewing the relevant resources on MetEd. The lessons offer information useful in a variety of high water situations and include a desktop exercise focused on a real-life flash flooding event.

For forecasters and emergency managers:
Basic Hydrologic Sciences Distance Learning Course
Anticipating Hazardous Weather, 2nd Edition

Tsunamis are a less frequent threat along U.S. coastlines, but their impacts can still be sizeable. MetEd offers several lessons about tsunamis, community preparedness, and the National Weather Service’s TsunamiReady™ recognition.

For forecasters and emergency managers:
Tsunami Warnings Systems
Community Tsunami Preparedness, 2nd Edition
TsunamiReady: Guidelines for Mitigation, Preparedness, and Response

For kids and families:
Tsunami Strike! Pacific Edition
Tsunami Strike! Caribbean Edition