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Professional Development Resources

The COMET Program has been providing high-quality training and education materials to meteorology professionals and students since 1989. This site features useful training modules and courses from the MetEd collection. Confidential tracking of your MetEd professional development progress is available via your MetEd account.


Beyond the Forecast:

Reporting on Science and the Environment

Weathercasters and broadcast meteorologists have a unique opportunity to raise public awareness of critical health, environment, and science issues. This is one reason the AMS and other organizations are supporting broadcast industry efforts to expand their weather reporting beyond the forecast. A new role as Station Scientist is emerging for many broadcast mets, and this site offers many resources to help.


COMET offers its first distance learning course collection for meeting requirements for AMS Broadcast Meteorologist Certification:

Hydro Environment Course



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Researcher using binoculars to scan for marine life. Earth Gauge Initiative

In 2006, the COMET Program partneried with the AMS, the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF),
and the EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds to support the NEEF Earth Gauge initiative.

Together, we developing a series of on-line modules, especially tailored for broadcast meteorologists' needs for communicating to their communities. These modules count for continuing education credit under the AMS CBM certification program.

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