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Broadening your Horizons as Station Scientist

As weathercasters and broadcast meteorologists, you have long enjoyed an unofficial status as the "science experts" of the newsroom. This is natural, considering your science backgrounds and the fact that you routinely convey complex scientific information about the earth and atmosphere to your viewers.

A logical extension of this role can be seen in the current industry trend for the weathercaster/broadcast met role to evolve into that of "station scientist." In many markets, weathercasts now include reporting on other environmental topics that are relevant to people's daily lives. These topics may vary from local to global issues and give you the unique opportunity to go beyond the forecast.

The AMS's new Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) Program is one means of acknowledging this new, broader role, and heightened levels of expectations. The following links provide more informaiton about this program and the new station scientist roles we're starting to see on stations across the country.


Certification Information

In the highly competitive and ever-evolving world of broadcast journalism, one fact remains constant: the weather segment is the most-watched part of the local news and the main reason a large percentage of viewers tune in. This prominence has led many broadcast meteorologists to participate in seal and certification programs as a means of sharpening their competitive edge. MetEd's online training & education materials can help fulfill and document your continuing education requirements for both NWA and AMS programs. The following external links provide further information on these programs:


Weather Education Resources


The MetEd Website was established to provide education and training resources to meteorololgy professionals and universities. MetEd is populated and maintained by the the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research's (UCAR's) COMET Program.

MetEd offers hundreds of hours of freely available online training and professional development materials. The Featured Training Materials on this site will be expecially useful to weathercasters and broadcast meteorologists, and all help fulfill the continuing education requirements for both the NWA Broadcaster's Seal Program and the AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Program (see below).

Additional Weather Education Resources

Many other excellent sources of weather education resources exist from other organizations. The links below are just a few suggestions for prominent US sources.



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