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Which produces better learning outcomes: classroom instruction or e-learning?
Posted on: 2020-03-27

This is a question that I encounter often in my work as an Instructional Designer for the COMET Program, especially now as the coronavirus pandemic has forced many institutions to move to online delivery of their courses. Based on my current understanding, my answer is - the instructional event that uses effective learning methods. Some of those methods include realistic decision making scenarios, spaced repetitions, real-world contexts, and feedback.

In my experience, the key method that brings them all together was summarized nicely by Michael Allen: “To learn is an action taken by and occurring within the learner. Instructors cannot learn for their learners, and neither can e-learning technology even with all its graphics, animations, effects, audio, interactivity, and so...

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Translation Resource Center
Posted on: 2020-03-20

What is the Translation Resource Center, or TRC?

COMET’s TRC supports the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) community's efforts to expand the availability of training materials through translation. Here you'll find resources to guide and support your translation efforts. The site hosts the Guide to Translation Project Management, which is also available in French and Spanish.

More than Modules
Posted on: 2020-02-25

Did you know that COMET, the program that brings you MetEd, does more than just online courses? We have a whole library of offerings including simulations, animations, videos, translations and more. See how COMET can help your organization or university teach earth system science. The COMET Portfolio

Storm Surge AR
Posted on: 2020-01-13

You’ve heard the news- A hurricane is headed for your city, but will your neighborhood be in jeopardy?  The COMET Program, your trusted resource for weather training and education, is pleased to announce the launch of its first Augmented Reality app. Available through the Apple and Google Play stores, this app will show the potential impacts of hurricane storm surge and inundation as it relates to you. Also included is helpful information about preparations prior to the arrival of a...

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Posted on: 2019-03-07

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