For Supervisors / Instructors

This page is for those who need to follow the progress of staff or adult students as they complete MetEd lessons. If you are a K-12 educator, please see How can I supervise progress of my K-12 students on MetEd?

Ways to supervise progress on MetEd

Supervising the progress of others on MetEd can be done formally or informally. Formal supervision involves having your learners list you as the supervisor on their account. As a result, you can:

  • Automatically have quiz scores shared with you whenever your learners complete a lesson.
  • View all your learners’ scores on the MetEd website.
  • Download these scores to use in a spreadsheet.

If you don’t need these tools, informal supervision is another option. Just ask your learners to share individual quiz scores with you by clicking the “Share Score” button. This button is found on each lesson listed in the “My Lessons” tab in My MetEd, and on the description pages for those lessons. Scores will be shared via email.

Getting formal supervision started

Have your learners sign in to MetEd, then go to their Account page and enter your email address in the "Supervisor / Instructor Email" field.

Tip: While they are there, encourage them to enter their first and last name as well. Name is optional -- but it will be much easier for you to distinguish your learners by their names than by their email addresses.

Automatically receiving quiz scores

Once you are listed as a supervisor, we will email quiz scores to you whenever your learners complete a quiz.

Viewing learners’ scores on MetEd

Individual emailed quiz scores may be enough to meet your needs. But if you want a broader view, go to My MetEd and click the “My Staff / Students” tab. You will see all your learners listed. To view all quiz scores or average course scores for a given learner, click the Lessons or Courses button for that learner.

Downloading score reports

If you want to see scores for all your learners at once, or work with this data in your own spreadsheet program, you will want to download our “MetEd Learner Scores” report. It is in tab-separated .csv format and can easily be imported by any spreadsheet program. This download is available in the “For Staff / Students” tab in “My MetEd”.

Stopping supervision of a particular learner

If you no longer need to follow the progress of a particular learner, go to the “My Staff / Students” tab in “My MetEd” and find that learner in the list. Click the “X” next to that learner’s name, then click “OK” to confirm. Once you have removed a learner from your progress tracking list, you will no longer be able to see or download any of their scores. If you want to stop tracking many learners, it may be more efficient to ask those learners to remove your name from the Supervisor / Instructor field on their Account page.