Educators, COMET and MetEd

One of the key missions of COMET is to support educators in the geosciences, the largest user group for the MetEd website. While much of our material meets the needs of the operational forecaster, we design and develop our instructional materials to also be useful to a broader audience.

The Educator's Portal provides a place to host resources to support teaching efforts. Here you'll find tips and tricks on how to make good use of our site, a list of lessons and resources that are more suitable for K-12 use, and eventually a forum where educators can share their thoughts and ideas on teaching geosciences.

Tips and Tricks for Using MetEd in Support of Teaching

Adding resources to your Queue

As you browse the MetEd website and come across resources of interest, you can add them to your personal queue to revisit at a later date. From any resource description page, click the "Add to Queue" button to add that resource to your Queue. Your Queue is available on your My MetEd page in a tab labeled "My Queue".

Finding and downloading media from MetEd

Here are basic instructions for finding visuals on MetEd and downloading them for use in your own presentations:

  1. Login to MetEd
  2. Enter search terms into the search box located in the upper right of most MetEd pages
  3. Click on "Images and Media Results" tab (rightmost tab on results page)
  4. Find thumbnail of relevant animation or image
  5. Click "More details ..." below thumbnail image; a new tab or window will open with the full size visual
  6. On the details page, locate the "file name" and follow the directions below it.
  7. Save the file to an easily remembered location on your computer for reuse on your own presentation (e.g., website, PowerPoint, etc.)
Sharing quiz scores with instructors

There are several ways to use the MetEd registration tools to have students share quiz scores with an instructor:

  1. Providing a "Supervisor / Instructor Email" address on the Account page
    Quiz scores can be shared automatically if you select that option on Your Account profile and by providing a "Supervisor / Instructor Email" address.
  2. Using the "Share Score" buttons
    You can share quiz scores individually and to whomever you like, whenever you like. On your My MetEd page, access your quiz scores in the My Lessons tab. Find the quiz score of interest and click the "Share Score" button. Follow the instructions in the pop up window. The "Share Score" button is also available on lesson description pages.
  3. As a K-12 educator, register a group of students on the Account page
    If you are registered as a K-12 educator on Your Account page, you will be presented with the option to register a group of students. While any K-12 teacher can register a group of students, this feature is particularly important for teachers with students under the age of 13 who are not legally allowed to register individually on the MetEd website without consent. The user names will be your usename, with an underscore and number appended to the portion of the username to the left of the "@". The password will be the student username to the left of the "@". For example, if the teacher account is john.doe@someschool.someplace, student account names will be john.joe_1@someschool.someplace, john.doe_2@someschool.someplace, etc. Student passwords will be john.doe_1, john.doe_2, etc. They can be changed individually by accessing the students account information.