Welcome to Our New Home!
Posted on: 2011-03-11

We've done a spring cleaning and our site has a fresh new look and feel.

We hope you find the new layout and functionality of the site useful. It's a major change from the previous site. Not to worry though, existing accounts are all still here and our modules still work the way they always have.

Here's a list of just some of the key changes we've made:

  • Gave the site a whole new look
  • Reduced the amount of content on the front page
  • Consolidated our topic areas under the "Education and Training" tab
  • Added a 'MyMetEd' page with your quiz results, access to certificates, a personal module queue, and course enrollment management
  • Made it easier to share quiz results using a "Share Score" button next to your quiz results
  • Added a feature to add modules to a personal queue making it easier to revisit modules of interest
  • For our courses, which are collections of modules, we've added an enrollment feature, an average quiz score, and a progress bar
  • Behind the scenes, we've updated the back-end of our site making it easier to add new features in the future

Let us know what you think! Visit our Facebook Group page and leave a comment.

If you come across any issues with the site, please report them using the link at the bottom of each page, Website Error Reporting or email support.