Have you had your boost?
Posted on: 2018-01-11

The COMET program quietly introduced booster questions on MetEd last year.  Over 1,500 people have subscribed for booster questions so far and we’d like to see more people benefitting from them.

What are booster questions? They are questions that you receive in the days, weeks, and months after completing an online module.  Answering these questions increases the amount of information that you can remember from an online module.

Today’s world bombards us with information. The way our brains deal with that is that we forget the things we do not use. Forgetting can be a desirable process: we don’t need to remember everything that happens to us every day, so our brain purges much of that information.  The problem is that our brain does not automatically know which bits of information will be useful to us in the future.  As a result, we often forget information that we value.  And as adults with so many things demanding our attention, we forget rapidly.

By making us recall information from a recent training, booster questions help us strengthen that memory and indicate that it will be useful over time.  Booster questions take minutes to complete and come directly to your inbox.  You can subscribe to receive them after successfully completing the quiz for a module.

Look for the Booster Questions link in the left menu bar as you are taking a quiz.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

People who have subscribed to booster questions say:

“I have used this information in
my studies to keep refreshing my continued education of weather and weather spotting."

“We use these questions in a group setting to refresh ourselves.”

“I have really enjoyed this course and the follow up boosters.”

“The booster questions have been very helpful in keeping my mind on the topic.”

“These questions have encouraged me to keep current with information and expand my knowledge of the science of weather and how I can better prepare to assist during emergencies and help others stay safe.”