MetEd's user community keeps on growing!
Posted on: 2013-10-02

On Saturday, September 28, the 300,000th user registered on MetEd. Wow! We never thought we'd have that many folks signed up when our sponsors first asked us to put a registration system in place in 2007.

Over in our Facebook Group, we're just about to pass the 2000 member mark. If you're on Facebook and haven't checked out our group, take a look and join. There are people from around the world sharing weather events and personal insights on forecasting. It's become a lively place with frequent postings. We also post to the group whenever we publish new content on MetEd so it's a great way to keep up to date with our ever growing library of content.

Oh, and since we added our rating and review system to the site, we've had over 365 ratings posted. The more ratings the better so please start making it a habit to add your review whenever you finish a module!

Thanks to all of you for making good use of our site and being a part of our community!

Here's some more MetEd trivia if you're interested in our stats:

  • Total modules published = 489 with 58 published in fiscal year 2013
  • Translated modules = 143 with 27 published in fiscal year 2013
  • Modules by language:
    • English: 346
    • Spanish: 104
    • French: 34
    • Russian: 2
    • Portuguese: 2
    • Indonesian: 1
  • Total Registered Users = 300,000+ as of September 2013
  • Total Education Users = 102,873
  • Total International Users = 101,781
  • Average time spent per session in a module = 53 minutes
  • Module completed by registered users in fiscal year 2013 = 195,581
  • Number of Quizzes taken by registered users in fiscal year 2013 = 111,964