External LMS Information

NOAA Employees

Quiz results from this site will only be copied to the Commerce Learning Center (CLC) if your MetEd account settings are properly set. To enable copy of results to CLC, go to "Your Account" MetEd page, make sure your affiliation is set as NOAA and include your NOAA LMS user name. Check the box stating, "Yes, my progress and quiz results may be shared...", then click save. Copy of quiz results to the CLC may take up to two weeks.

If the box for sharing results is not checked, you must take quizzes directly on the Commerce Learning Center site in order to receive credit.

Navy and Air Force Users

Before taking the module or quiz, confirm whether this module is available in NKO (Navy) or AFWA Knowledge Center (Air Force). If so, you will want to complete the module and quiz in that system.