Tsunami Warning Systems

Simulation of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

This site seeks to support NOAA's efforts to help communities worldwide design new or maintain and enhance existing tsunami warning systems. The resources offered here will aid in strengthening partnerships and developing the necessary knowledge and skills to improve warning enterprises.


The Tsunami Warning Center Reference Guide describes a concept of operations for any National Tsunami Warning Center or Regional Tsunami Watch Provider. It also provides outreach and education resources for these centers. Brief summaries of the guide designed for the unique needs of various audiences are also available.

The Coastal Community Resilience Guide builds on lessons learned and experience gained from past tsunamis on addressing coastal hazards and reducing risk to communities.


Case studies demonstrate how existing tsunami warning systems work to respond during a tsunami warning and how communities work to mitigate tsunami risks.


Annotated links provide access to world-wide educational and informational resources. These additional resources offer more in-depth treatment of the properties and impacts of tsunamis and describe efforts to improve warnings, risk management, and recovery.