Physics of the Aurora: Earth Systems

Physics of the Aurora: Earth Systems
shmack96 2018-06-28 19:16:22

The module format was very poor and hard to navigate.
MJWorrell 2017-03-02 09:24:00

I enjoyed learning a lot from this lesson, but it was very complicating.
drwater 2016-09-07 02:25:47

Excellent module, this is a beautiful introduction to the Aurora for people with a basic physics education. Really educational! 2016-02-24 18:56:55

Absolutely terrible, the module simply glosses over all key concepts for the quiz.
anton 2014-08-29 03:16:35

Greetings to all MetEd, NCAR and COMET Of the many, many modules I have seen on this subject, this is the best. It is outstanding. Anton Feun
stefanie.gonzalez 2013-09-06 22:57:08

Thank you! It really helped me visualize the current systems.