Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification
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Very Good
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its was an fun and confusing lesson in my opinion but over all interesting and informational.
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I tried to pick a subject that I was familiar with and found that I needed more than what I considered; enough knowledge. I was glad that I worked through the pre-assessment and then to the actual quiz, because I did make overall improvements. This course training and quiz should be good for any person that needs to brush up on their interests and particular field of interest. I will check back again and find another section that I can train with.
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This is very informative.
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love the course and the information. very informatie
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I enjoyed this lesson way more than the first lesson. It was easier to understand and straight to the point.
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these are all on the job trainings, as well as i am exploring the algea blooms from volcanos, if free moving hatcheries can be formed, that float freely in the ocean. Can we find the right mixture from volcanic explosions, to help plankton blooms?can we fix the salt water food chain? maybe...
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great! interestingg
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This is an amazing course that offers valuable insight into how ocean acidification affects our globe.