Tropical-Extratropical Air Mass Interactions in South America

Tropical-Extratropical Air Mass Interactions in South America
francismcin 2018-10-07 01:50:25

I thought that the black and white surface and upper-air maps were a little difficult to read with the small text/numbers being hard to see at times.
jdanilo 2018-03-02 12:18:48

esta bien el tema 2017-03-21 02:32:21

Good course - of particular interest to me because I've lived in South America and understand the impact of both tropical and extratropical air mass movements over there.
cmrules 2014-07-18 16:03:57

I enjoyed doing this module one morning during the 2014 world cup in brazil. the overview of cimate and synoptic regimes was interesting and very informative.
jblaisdell 2014-04-27 21:03:34

This is an informative module covering meridional flows in South America. There are not many MetEd modules focusing on South America and this is a welcome addition. Two representative scenarios are covered with a fair amount of detail. I'm surprised this is tagged as a Level 1 module, not Level 2, as previous understanding of jet streaks and atmospheric rivers would benefit the student.