MJO, Equatorial Waves, and Tropical Cyclogenesis

MJO, Equatorial Waves, and Tropical Cyclogenesis
2018-11-15 19:26:09

An excellent intro to the evolution of tropical atmospheric waves
david.bright 2018-08-02 13:16:25

garyhall 2018-05-30 06:54:28

Excellent lesson
elioroca@gmail.com 2018-03-08 22:43:29

Is missing the map of climatology of MJO. Hovmoller are great to visuallize.
brojas 2017-07-28 06:09:20

Very interactive, great exercises that apply what you are learning very directly.
blawson 2017-03-16 09:23:37

I do a lot of marine forecasting where I work and assess the threat for tropical cyclone development over multiple regions on daily basis. Not having a strong background in equatorial waves and the MJO, I found this comet module especially useful and educational.
pic2 2016-12-22 13:34:30

This is on the job training for me.