Volcanic Ash: Volcanism

Volcanic Ash: Volcanism
Meteoghost 2021-02-28 13:33:08

Simple and Important lesson but one question in the quiz is maybe bug....
gsb12 2019-11-10 16:37:00

Interesting lesson. Loved it!
alexmandell 2018-11-09 15:36:51

This was a very difficult quiz
keresa02 2018-11-09 14:25:13

It was nice learning about how volcanoes erupt.
emilyozrey 2018-11-07 21:14:20

I am giving this a low rating because while the lecture was particularly short, it lacked a lot of necessary information. There is one question on the quiz that needs to fixed- specifically the one asking to "Order the steps in the process of an explosive volcanic eruption. Use the selection box to choose the answer that best matches the statement.". The lecture did not cover this question at all. After numerous (I seriously mean like 40) tries, I could not get the question right. Not even my professor or tutor could. This is ingroguent with the material on the lecture and is preventing students from getting a better grade. Please fix this issue. I know not a single student who got that question correct.
jennmonroy 2018-10-23 21:26:24

found all information very interesting
cman1 2018-10-18 15:24:35

overall a good lesson points deducted to to confusing elements
MetEd97 2018-08-26 18:36:06

MojganV 2018-07-05 23:32:08

It is useful​.
chingonsito 2018-07-05 22:34:02

Masoud777 2018-07-04 21:37:00

I like this program
JBO 2018-05-19 14:32:02

Interesting but the questions could use some work.
AtmoCheryl 2018-05-07 19:07:07

I'd prefer a little less reading and a little more audio/video as I comprehend the material better that way.
Nouridden1 2018-04-27 21:56:35

really enjoy it
nibalmaklouf 2018-04-27 18:21:04

I liked this lesson and I recommended the others to learn it.
Manal Maklouf 2018-04-27 14:56:27

I learned new things in this lesson.
renejaramillo818 2018-04-27 13:00:14

Loved this lesson it was interesting.
Elizabeth Avelar 2018-04-27 01:12:26

This was a wonderfully thought out and informative lesson.
Tramnguyen1991 2018-04-26 17:23:54

good lecture, easy to understand
matronedea 2018-04-25 21:00:33

I always use the "print" version because the talking is too slow in the videos.
aynaz.dianti@yahoo.com 2018-04-25 16:56:26

marianofc10 2018-04-23 16:40:41

Very good!
maciex42 2018-04-11 22:53:39

Buffalonians 2017-11-18 15:42:24

Enjoyed this one.
SilveradoTruck17 2017-11-15 12:30:29

This lesson about volcanoes was very interesting, i learned a lot
lawrencebxtr93 2017-11-10 16:14:59

This was a great learning experience.
Irene2003 2017-11-10 14:26:13

Dr. Finley, I was having problems downloading the MetEd Certificate. I sent the results to your email. I hope this is Okay Dr. Finley.Anthony
ggarcia95 2017-11-10 10:58:06

Great experience, quiz was structured very well and information was helpful.
ggarcia95 2017-11-10 10:55:04

nbguzman35 2017-11-08 22:18:19

ngilani19 2017-11-07 23:40:04

nevastolte 2017-11-04 15:01:09

It was all right.
wes4723 2017-11-01 19:52:07

good. it was very informative.
Renegade 2017-10-30 10:54:05

Good course content for understanding the types of volcanoes and associated hazards to those on land as well as aviation hazards.
alvarado.anna 2017-07-06 23:59:04

moniqueamanda1214 2017-07-06 22:51:43

bryanorellana_ 2017-07-06 22:04:05

Haamidah 2017-06-06 23:05:59

eman7000100 2017-05-23 12:43:39

Hate it
Davviiid 2017-04-12 22:00:33

was very difficult to learn the process of explosive eruptions, or at least to answer the quiz question.
maria_rubio 2017-04-12 20:25:13

The question that asks the steps of volcanic eruption needs to be greatly modified. No matter how i organized the steps, i still got the question wrong! That question needs to be revised as soon as possible!!!
alejandro144 2017-04-11 23:15:29

One of the questions is poorly explained and laid out for users to understand. Based on all the questions the only one I missed was the question that asks us to order 7 different events and it is poorly written in the test or poorly explain in the section. Even the professor teaching about this had trouble answering this same question. Do fix that question.
sdr55894 2017-04-11 22:08:50

i love volcanos!
madison2014 2017-03-03 17:09:11

I liked this lesson.
chad.pfeiffer 2017-01-16 14:20:44

good quiz
clara.zamora.103@my.csun.edu 2016-11-16 22:56:37

Good lesson.
Jab778 2016-11-16 21:18:26

This is very interactive and enjoyable
pic2 2016-11-09 16:35:46

pertaining to my training this is top notch, im getting education accredation at the university level, and getting on the job credits.
Kevin John Khachi 2015-11-12 00:04:07

7.5 out of 10, too much water
dillonsze 2015-04-15 20:53:51

There is one question on the quiz that absolutely SUCKS. It's not covered in the material and should be thrown out.
God's Rebel 2014-02-08 09:33:25

This module is very easy to understand and fun to do. I recommend this to anyone living near a volcano, wanting to learn more about volcanoes, or studying the weather. It was very informative.