Skywarn Spotter Convective Basics

Skywarn Spotter Convective Basics
  1. define the acronym ACES
  2. identify examples of each part of ACES
  3. list proper safety guidelines to use during severe convective weather:
    • while in a building
    • while in a car
  4. list the four reportable convective weather events and their national criteria
  5. identify the seven required pieces of information to communicate to the NWS when making a storm report
  6. demonstrate how to make a clear and succinct storm report for a severe convective weather event
  7. indicate when it is appropriate to call the NWS with a storm report
  8. explain why using standard-sized objects for measuring hail is important for forecasters
  9. identify the majority of structural storm features when presented with a gallery of severe convective storm feature images. These include:
    • tornado
    • funnel cloud
    • wall cloud
    • precipitation shaft
    • virga
    • updraft
    • shelf cloud
    • mammatus
    • anvil
    • overshooting top