Adding Value to NWP Guidance

Adding Value to NWP Guidance
  1. Assess any geographic or temporal biases in the models as well as the NWP performance between short range, middle range, long range, and high impact events.
  2. Relate these NWP biases or errors to the root cause of these issues such as limitations in the observations or the models, model parameterizations, resolution, statistical guidance including MOS, etc.
  3. Distinguish when phenomena are produced in high-resolution models for physical and unphysical reasons including scale-dependence. (WES case)
  4. Recognize when there will be only incremental improvement in forecast skill even with large time investments. (WES case)
  5. Describe two situations where one can take advantage of ensemble members and probabilistic forecasts to improve the forecast.
  6. Recognize the role of real time verification in the forecast process.