Intelligent Use of Model-Derived Products - version 2

Intelligent Use of Model-Derived Products - version 2
  1. Describe the differences in characteristics between short and long time period, and point and spatially averaged, statistical verification.
  2. Describe at least three situations where statistical guidance (SG) performs well, and at least three others where SG performs poorly.
  3. Cite at least three advantages and three limitations of Model Output Statistics.
  4. Know the potential data sources for the development of MOS.
  5. Cite at least two advantages and two limitations of using post-processed versus raw model data.
  6. Cite at least five parameters that are forecast directly by NWP models and five that are derived from NWP data.
  7. Cite at least two sources of error for point observations.
  8. Know the statistical parameters that measure random, total, systematic, and spatial and temporal errors.