Model Fundamentals - version 2

Model Fundamentals - version 2
Timm 2018-01-17 14:17:48

Models are referenced in most broadcast weather reports. I am trying to learn more about them, such as RPM or European.
Tryan18 2018-01-16 19:21:36

Learned a lot through it and my knowledge is greater now
jancae 2017-10-22 16:53:38

Much better course than the other NWP course. Repeated things, but provided more descriptions of things.
Wtomczyk 2017-10-21 09:45:10

The questions asked then what's in the subject are crap. I had to use alternate sources to answer the damn questions.
Bwilkes 2017-10-17 17:03:47

great overview and fine refresher!
Chadbarb99 2017-09-24 17:23:38

Everything on this tutorial did not make sense, I have read and studied it over and over and every time I took a quiz, I cannot get a passing score. This needs to be redone.
mdasta 2017-09-24 12:09:23

This self led lesson was, in my opinion, very difficult to navigate at first and hard to absorb the information based on the format of the website. Additionally, the quiz questions were not explicitly covered in the lesson, most of the answers were implied which makes it more frustrating.
matthew.mcdermott 2017-09-12 16:24:20

I want to see what I got wrong!! It's marked with an X but now I don't know which answer I chose! :/
samzito 2017-09-12 14:56:02

I don't like that you can't see what the correct answers are at the end of the quiz, how am I supposed to learn?
ferdika.amsal 2017-08-23 01:32:31

More detail improvement with the problem solving for each equation will be great.
navinsinghweather 2017-08-16 04:16:42

This module presented a clear and comprehensive introduction to the basics of how Numerical and Ensemble Forecasting Systems work and parameterize local variables. It was very helpful to my studies of meteorology and atmospheric science.
27573400 2017-02-26 07:54:45

this lesson was very helpful. Thank you!
frankstrait 2016-12-29 21:58:26

A good introduction to NWP. A very short lesson.
chrisbarrell 2016-12-15 08:15:14

comprehensive introduction.
TimRossman 2016-11-25 10:12:47

Enjoyable and informative.
cheima69 2016-10-27 10:31:27

I thought this was very helpful but a couple of the questions were a little hard to follow for me. (of course I decided to do this while my sinuses are going nuts.) I would recommend others to take this course
JonathanBelles 2014-05-07 17:43:17

The first section had a complex flow chart that should have been displayed in a different manner. Knowledge that would be gained by that part of the module was lost due to its display.
aewisch 2013-06-10 14:06:45

Some Questions can be very misleading where they lead you to believe one answer is true when the second half of the problem changes the entire dynamic of the question.
nispo 2012-12-17 19:57:03

Very basic module... which it intends to be. My biggest issue is in the Model System Flowchart. It's a nice graphic but the information contained in it is clunky. It would have been much easier to present the contained information in a bullet-point format below the graphic or in the following pages.