Community Hurricane Preparedness, 2nd Edition

Community Hurricane Preparedness, 2nd Edition
dsbeedle 2018-12-04 10:44:00

Great class! Very informative.
maxmaynard 2018-12-03 22:54:22

a little hard to understand
Hurrigirl74 2018-12-03 11:40:11

Excellent course for online instruction! I learned many new things!
skornegay45 2018-11-16 14:07:10

This course gave an overall of hurricanes and how they are formed, tracked and disseminated.
pterodactyl62 2018-10-29 20:55:29

Good primer on products available for emergency managers. Decision making section using various decision trees very useful.
Hp2bleve 2018-10-18 12:49:52

angelrcc 2018-09-19 14:54:05

Clear information to process
titurner 2018-09-18 20:43:54

The lesson was fine the quiz part was not It made me doubt the lesson on some questions although the llesson was on point.
slheagney 2018-09-12 18:57:29

The format was effective for learning (including navigation, media, interactions, etc.)Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree 2018-09-08 09:33:17

I consider this a pretty good presentation, but the format could have been improved.
Maldian 2018-08-31 07:04:21

Very good test to take. Very descriptive.
MET. RAFAEL CABRERA 2018-08-29 18:39:10

It was very interesting module and I learned a lot.
rsmith 2018-07-17 06:40:26

great course
Adam.Ochs 2018-07-15 21:29:16

Excellent - Enjoyed the course and mostly importantly the material provided was excellent and got a lot out of it - Very well worth the time
sherrirae2 2018-05-08 19:31:18

I think these lessons are very long but informational.
bee safety 2018-05-06 13:15:07

I was slightly confused on what was asked, until I saw the answer. It all made sense then and I grasped the training point.
CES2119 2018-04-24 15:38:20

lance whaley 2018-04-03 09:48:11

very informative
KRD247 2018-03-28 14:07:30

Shorten the course.
pantro 2018-03-24 15:44:04

postman00605 2018-03-20 14:30:12

luis.berrios1 2018-03-20 14:20:37

Petegutz 2018-03-20 14:11:00

msanchoo 2018-03-16 09:32:04

this is terrible course. I'm not sure why I need to know all this information at all?
mawhiteaker 2018-03-14 08:08:49

I felt this program provided good information in a self-study environment. I would like to attend further in classroom trainings at the NHC
marcus.e.huggins 2018-03-13 12:37:33

Need improvement
perico15 2018-03-13 07:27:02

Was effective, and interesting
JBR12C 2018-03-12 13:39:00

It was a great tool to earned a fast and basic knowledge.
PJBruno 2018-02-18 13:32:46

It is good lesson training, because people don't when it going to happen to you and your familiy. In special when you live in tropical island.
Scottb6314 2018-02-12 10:53:35

MontyCc 2018-02-07 21:01:44

This course is written for emergency managers with an INTERMEDIATE knowledge in meteorology and weather science and a basic knowledge of hurricane structure and weather service products. It is not written for the rookie EM.
fastloosee 2018-02-02 13:55:33

seanmul 2018-02-02 11:35:28

A 2018-02-02 09:42:12

Great course for those new to Hurricane Planning activities.
siso13 2018-01-28 07:33:54

great course
orejuela59 2018-01-28 07:11:38

bt121 2018-01-15 08:47:53

There are many pages and a great deal of information contained in the lessons. Be prepared to spend time on this course.
PF8778 2018-01-07 09:52:55

I found the program to be very informative and effective in understanding how to utilize the information.
ScarioFendo 2018-01-02 12:52:03

Helpful in the planning of Hurricanes and Typhoons.
heriberto quicuti 2018-01-01 11:38:57

jaiandavidson 2017-11-23 20:35:14

This is a really good presentation. I work on the 911 side of our EM/911 group for the county. It is very good to see how our EOC operates living in a coastal community.
MaryAnnKaufman 2017-11-14 02:11:32

I think that the definitions of the different products is good, but a better job could be done in contrasting them, perhaps through tabular format.
nauijim 2017-10-26 11:40:43

Good, useful information
jerrymkingsbury 2017-10-16 09:34:34

Good info for planning and information
Ralphvickers 2017-10-13 13:39:43

interesting subject considering recent events. I now have a better understanding of how these decisions might effect my job as an ED nurse. Thanks
Everettdl17 2017-10-07 21:23:40

Learn some great information about hurricane preparedness
TinaOW75 2017-09-07 00:53:14

This is a really great intro to safety and planning!
WHCCtechvolunteer 2017-06-21 06:32:24

Has a lot of good information, I would recommend this module to anyone interested in hurricane preparedness.
MRex21 2017-06-09 08:43:04

This course is very good.
WillieNabong 2017-06-08 10:07:09

The whole program is great. The Decision Making module is excellent- it makes you feel like you are in the hurricane event and making the decisions . . .
msbabiuk 2017-06-07 20:40:00

Four stars. Very informative.
uche_njoku 2017-04-30 17:22:29

it does help alot, it learn more
TZGORSKI 2017-04-27 14:09:39

it took me a few times to pass as the questions really made you think
RLWinnen 2017-04-25 10:56:27

I would highly recommend this lesson to other safety focals.
oldbike 2017-04-13 12:37:42

The section where you make the decisions for the county using the format tools was informative and interesting.
somer.dearman 2017-02-19 19:45:32

This was really a great and informative lesson. I really enjoyed it!
pic2 2016-11-17 14:28:35

this is on the job training, as well as educational learning for me.
Alexander.Parker 2016-10-17 11:45:26

I've never known half the things I learned in this lesson. It is highly recommended if you live on the cost.
Power_Puhh 2016-10-17 11:27:33

it was lit