The Amazon Rain Forest and Climate Change

The Amazon Rain Forest and Climate Change
  1. List factors that influence climate on Earth.
  2. Identify greenhouse gases and their sources and define their role in climate.
  3. Identify the countries that contribute the most to greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Identify impacts of climate change on the Earth system.
  5. Describe evidence for human involvement in current climate change.
  6. List anticipated effects of future climate change and determine which are considered most likely.
  7. Explain how tropical forests affect and are affected by a changing climate.
  8. Explain how deforestation can affect precipitation in the Amazon.
  9. List some secondary impacts from deforestation of the Amazon.
  10. Describe the main sources of Brazil’s contributions to global greenhouse gases.
  11. Identify the main international agreements that have been in place to address global climate change.
  12. Describe what the REDD Program is and explain its main purpose.