Tropical Storm Allison in the Southeastern U.S.

Tropical Storm Allison in the Southeastern U.S.

    • This module has been retired and is no longer available on MetEd.

After looping through east Texas and flooding the Houston metropolitan area with as much as 36" of rain over 4 days, Tropical Storm Allison moved back over the Gulf of Mexico, only to make landfall again over southern Louisiana. This second of three cases on this storm examines the predictability of its behavior over the southeastern United States, as Allison moved steadily east-northeastward from the Louisiana coast over the course of 3 days, before stalling over eastern North Carolina.

This portion of the storm's history was remarkable for:

* Maintenance of storm circulation
* Maintenance of some aspects of its tropical characteristics
* Inability of the mesoscale models at NCEP (both Eta-22 and 10-km nests) to capture the behavior of the storm

This case examines the behavior of the Eta model in forecasting the movement and precipitation from Allison as it moved through the Southeast.