Antarctica: Challenging Forecasts for a Challenging Environment

Antarctica: Challenging Forecasts for a Challenging Environment
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    • Publish Date: 2007-08-14
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felipenc 2019-03-02 13:06:57

This lesson is absolutely brilhant and rare to find in such format and rich content. However, if I may further ask, there could be more details on how the Meteorologists predict specific weather conditions such as snow, low ceiling, visibility using surface observations, satellite products and numerical weather prediction models in conjunction. One cloud also use some tips on which parameters are more reliable and more relevant to forecast each type of weather condition. Finally, the lesson must be updated since it dates back to 2007. Congratulation on the initiative and best regards to the COMET Team!
maria81497 2018-12-02 00:21:23

this was very helpful
keresa02 2018-10-12 18:37:41

I enjoy learning about parts of the planet I might never visit.
alexmandell 2018-10-12 18:31:32

It was hard to find some answers to the questions.
emilyozrey 2018-10-11 21:54:28

I would appreciate the ability to use captions in the lectures. This is because sometimes it is hard to understand the interviewees speech and it is easier to capture the specific terminology spoken.
ray.barreras 2018-10-09 14:00:48

irinayakubova 2018-10-07 18:21:47

Very interesting program.
MojganV 2018-06-29 00:43:27

I couldn't understand very well the content
kfuentes41 2018-06-28 23:32:07

It was outdated and I would like subtitles to the videos.
khristioncourseault 2018-06-28 23:17:31

My experience was great.
Syed101 2018-05-21 13:52:27

very easy to follow
scotttoni 2018-05-10 18:26:29

I learned a lot from this lesson that I had never knew about the Antarctic.
stovallkevin86 2018-04-07 20:23:26

A different type of study. Never used before
Warren63B 2018-04-03 21:29:47

I found this absolutely fascinating. There is so much not yet known and the risks involved in the studies are commendable.
Nouridden1 2018-03-23 23:33:50

it was intersting
Nibal 2018-03-23 21:58:25

I like the lesson it was interesting and I learned a lot.
Manal Maklouf 2018-03-23 21:57:46

it was a good lesson. i learned new stuff that i didn't know about before.
BrianGeog15 2018-02-28 21:20:59

iamems76 2017-12-04 21:11:29

Lesson very well crafted and presented.
huntingtonmw 2017-11-06 20:16:33

Good information. Mobile friendly navigation is needed, as well as making sure all the quiz material is covered in the transcript.
ngilani19 2017-10-15 22:25:14

gamperjoe 2017-10-13 19:52:30

ggarcia95 2017-10-13 12:28:30

Great learning experience
Irene2003 2017-10-11 17:28:16

I love it
Lyn.Reinke 2017-10-10 17:09:54

nevastolte 2017-10-09 17:30:04

It was lengthy and a bit confusing.
foroughem 2017-09-30 00:02:45

it was very useful for me, because I have challenge with it to find the correct answer it takes me about more than 3 hours, and I have excited to solve the problem. generally, it was interesting for me.
bryanorellana_ 2017-06-29 22:07:16

Very easy to understand.
alvarado.anna 2017-06-29 19:33:17

michh 2017-05-02 18:48:25

Really good introduction to Antarctic forecasting and how things work in Antarctica. I'll be recommending the unit as an introduction to people who have not been south before.
lucciec 2017-03-25 00:29:44

I liked how short and synthesized the material was however some parts were too fast for me so captions would help more.
rt47 2017-03-21 12:46:05

NachoGrace2014 2016-12-11 12:59:24

pic2 2016-11-12 17:31:56

greenhouse gases, emissions, reductions, our polar regions, ice caps, are all important to our future generations to come.
aimwo4 2013-06-03 09:46:42

This module is definately an education. The Antarctic plays a key role in global weather, but is overlooked by most of the world. This extreme cold, dry and windy part of the earth is an outpost for a group of scientists and a support team looking for the answers in a quest to determine and mitigate global warming. Once merely a curiosity for exploration, it is now a focus for those studying meteorology. The stability of atmospheric and ocean currents are connected to this harsh outpost of the world. This module provides key details on how the Antarctic weather and its scientists are paramount to the future of our earth.