Snowmelt Processes

Snowmelt Processes

Describe the development and evolution of snowpack:

  • Explain the influences of terrain, wind, vegetation, and temperature.
  • Describe how sublimation affects snowpack.
  • Describe the process of snow metamorphism.
  • Explain SLR and SWE.
  • Describe why and how snow energy exchanges are important.

Describe the processes leading up to and during melting:

  • Explain the importance of latent heat exchange.
  • Describe what is necessary for rapid melting.
  • Explain the importance of rainfall on the snowmelt process.

Describe the fate of melt water from snow:

  • Describe how water can move through the snowpack.
  • Explain what happens when melt water reaches the ground surface.
  • Discuss a situation that would result in rapid runoff from snowmelt.