Flood Frequency Analysis

Flood Frequency Analysis
  1. Explain key concepts in flood frequency analysis
    • Define the meaning of return periods (i.e., the 100-year flood)
    • Explain the exceedance probability and its relationship to return period
    • Understand the two primary applications of flood frequency analyses
  2. Understand key issues impacting the statistical representation of floods
    • Explain how the period of record impacts flood frequency guidance
    • Calculate the probability of occurrence or non-occurrence for a given flood magnitude over a specified duration
    • Understand how basin changes may impact the behavior and frequency of floods, thus reducing the length of the period of record
  3. Apply common methods for analyzing flood data
    • Explain the basic concepts underlying both annual and partial duration time series
    • Conduct a frequency analysis given peak flow data for a river
  4. Explain purpose and application of design events
    • Identify the reason for using design events
    • Understand the usefulness of design events and their limitations and constraints
    • Explain the concept of probable maximum event
    • Understand the concept of standard project floods