Unit Hydrograph Theory

Unit Hydrograph Theory
  1. Define key features of unit hydrographs and of unit hydrograph theory.
    • Explain why we need unit hydrographs.
    • Describe how unit hydrograph theory is used as a tool in forecasting runoff.
    • Define the basic components of a unit hydrograph.
  2. Identify important terms and assumptions in unit hydrograph theory.
  3. Explain key issues for application of unit hydrograph theory.
    • Identify reasons that some precipitation events may not be accurately represented by a unit hydrograph.
    • Explain the impact of using English or metric units of measure.
    • Describe the process for application of unit hydrographs to storms covering multiple time durations.
  4. Recognize the forecast implications of unit hydrograph theory for real precipitation events.
    • Describe potential effects on actual hydrograph data based on storm coverage and basin changes.