Understanding the Hydrologic Cycle

Understanding the Hydrologic Cycle
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It might be better if there will be an option where the lesson will be continuous instead of clicking the next button...
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This module is necessary for any meteorologist and climatologist. Is Also important for any atmospheric modeler.
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this is hightech
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Great information on water cycle and its important components.
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I had to use the text version of the module for the last three sections - the online version did not work properly in Chrome.
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This is a good platform to learn something with the help of cool media and useful information.
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It's a basic course but it remembers you things that you think to know, also it has curious data and more specific articles if one wants to go deeper into the subject. To start in hydrology is very good
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The lesson was actually effective. All sections provide the listeners the information they need about the basic concept of Hydrology. Dealing with this particular module is a good way to learn even for junior students.
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The lesson was effective for learning, it increased my understanding,the lesson contain particularly interesting and useful.
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I can't believe more people don't know about this! I sent the link to my son's science teacher -- he loves sharing this kind of stuff with the kids. Really an awesome service you are providing, and I wish you much success with it.
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Buenísimo este modulo. Cubre los conceptos fundamentales sobre el ciclo hidrológico y las diferentes partes que lo componen.
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Thank you, I found it very informative and helped me understand the process better.