Mesoscale Convective Systems: Squall Lines and Bow Echoes

Mesoscale Convective Systems: Squall Lines and Bow Echoes
mvineya5 2020-04-27 17:33:48

Great information; outdated interface. Some content could not be accessed properly. Still a very thorough and useful lesson.
rpossert 2017-12-27 16:03:16

The navigation required in this lesson was a bit cumbersome and outdated. It seemed to take a bit of getting used to to have to click on each of the topics and navigate through the sections. I prefer to have a next button to move my way through the lesson.
Timmy Time 2017-10-13 08:23:40

Very comprehensive lesson on the subject - squall lines and bow echoes. I learnt new things. Thanks.
navinsinghweather 2017-08-13 20:13:50

This lesson provided me with a thorough understanding of mesoscale convective systems including squall lines and bow echoes. It was very helpful for my studies. Thank you!
KD9CZR 2017-03-28 11:12:44

i learned a lot about how the wind shears interact and how they affect storm development and its longevity
aaronklopp 2016-06-21 22:55:30

like most meted courses easy to follow and understand, the quiz on the other hand like ...again meted courses had to interpet