Dynamics & Microphysics of Cool-Season Orographic Storms

Dynamics & Microphysics of Cool-Season Orographic Storms
gsb12 2019-11-07 22:17:44

Great lesson on snow formation.
wengel 2018-11-27 11:37:17

Great lesson on mountain topography and it's impact on forecasting.
jjburnz 2018-01-26 01:15:23

Very interesting material presented. It was a very well structured course for precipitation and orographic influence on meteorological phenomena.
WXJORWIL 2017-12-29 05:12:11

If you already have prior training or study with this material, it will be easier for you to grasp. The instructor sped through a lot of lessons and unless you caught on to something quick, you would be lost. Overall, it was a fair experience.
Angelica.Stein 2017-11-29 10:45:51

wtvisser 2017-07-24 13:36:00

The learning material is too dense. More in-depth and slower explanations are required to effectively learn the lesson content.
rjwrenn1989 2015-02-10 02:25:21

Great overview of snow processes and the challenges associated with forecasting orographic precipitation events in the Western US.