National Water Model, Part 2: Early Performance

National Water Model, Part 2: Early Performance
  1. Explain the reasons for verification
    • Quantify performance
    • Gain confidence in how/when/where model performs well
    • Identify areas for improvement
  1. Interpret verification statistics related to early versions of the NWM
    • Characterize streamflow forecasts as measured by bias, correlation and timing errors
    • Identify changes in domain-wide verification statistics from version to version
  1. Describe how verification of early NWM output was used to correct or reduce errors
  1. Describe some ongoing areas of model evaluation and development
    • Identify QPF-driven error
    • Describe impact of managed streams and reservoirs
  1. Explain the need for ensemble-based guidance
    • Explain what a time-lagged ensemble is
    • Explain limitations of time-lagged ensembles