Leveraging Social Science to Improve Risk Communications

Leveraging Social Science to Improve Risk Communications
  • Make the connection between social science and the National Weather Service mission.
    • Compare and contrast the needs of expert users vs. the public.
    • Explain the importance of communicating in the language of the customer.
    • Describe impacts-based hazard information and relate it to decision-making.
    • Describe and demonstrate effective messaging within NWS products and services, particularly in high risk situations.
  • Utilize social science research in NWS operations.
    • Assess if the affected group may be sensitized or are they inexperienced with the risk at hand.
    • Apply effective methods for addressing forecast/warning confidence, and which aspects might be higher or lower than normal (e.g., timing versus magnitude).
    • Craft effective messages in context of life-threatening situations that are targeted, actionable, and timely.
    • Make use of effective wording in guidance and warnings.
    • Apply social science concepts using lessons from past events.
  • Describe the benefits of including a social scientist within Integrated Warning Team workshops.