Instrumentation and Measurement of Atmospheric Temperature

Instrumentation and Measurement of Atmospheric Temperature
  • Identify the relationship between molecular kinetic energy and the temperature of the air.
  • Describe the site selection criteria used to identify the best location to measure surface air temperature.
  • Recall the various types of liquid-in-glass thermometers and describe the best uses of this instrument type.
  • Discuss why calibrations are important for all temperature sensors.
  • Describe the main calibration processes used for temperature sensors and how response times differ among types of sensors.
  • Describe the basic science involved in estimating temperatures from acoustic sensors, such as sonic anemometers/thermometers.
  • Describe the types of measurements that can be obtained using radiometric sensors.
  • Describe the considerations relevant to measuring temperatures from aircraft or other fast-moving platforms.
  • Select an appropriate instrument to measure temperature based on the requirements for data (uncertainty, spatial and temporal resolution, etc.).