Communicating Impacts and Mitigation for Wind Chill and Extreme Cold

Communicating Impacts and Mitigation for Wind Chill and Extreme Cold
gsb12 2019-11-14 15:53:09

Excellent lesson.
2018-11-26 14:11:19

Learn something new every time!
ScottM58 2018-10-26 11:52:18

Advise checking hyperlinks in this presentation. Some are broken.
k0rcj 2018-07-26 19:13:42

Very useful particularly in the northern tiers
SJBertrand 2018-02-26 10:50:35

Good information in an easy format to follow.
2018-01-19 13:50:49

Great lesson.
Shadowens911 2018-01-04 15:05:49

Was a great lesson
Banx2281 2017-12-29 08:12:20

Interesting lesson 2017-12-21 01:29:30

Lesson is interesting but it's a bit difficult for understanding for me as I don't know geography of USA. I think it would be better if there will be some remarks about it.
SPiltz 2017-12-08 12:24:57

Asking NWS meteorologists to read a windchill chart seemed well below the level of appropriate training for professional forecasters. Also, the PNS can be used for safety rules as noted below... "public education".Mission Connection. The Public Information Statement (PNS) is an alphanumericmessage used to distribute information regarding hydrometeorological events; public education;National Weather Service (NWS) service changes, limitations or interruptions; and specialguidelines for interpreting NWS data. The PNS is used by a wide variety of users and partnerssuch as the general public, emergency managers, and the media.
bdouglas14 2017-12-08 06:51:44

Very helpful in tracking cold weather.
cupoteacoast 2017-10-02 08:04:18

Coming from a country where we can b subject to severe cold but don't have cold or windchill advisories, this course has been really interesting. I wish we had the forecasting services of USA!
rodolfoam 2017-09-06 08:03:10

Muy buena y amena, con informaciĆ³n clara.
jmiske 2017-08-28 05:26:54

This lesson achieved the aim of teaching me more about its subject matter. It's just that the subject matter was very US and NWS focused and only of very minimal relevance to an international meteorologist. While this may have been one of the core aims of the lesson, given MetEd's base, I thought some further information on the calculation of Apparent Temperatures (Wind Chill, Heat Index) could have been included
frankstrait 2017-08-01 18:55:05

This helped me to become a better communicator of risks from extreme cold weather.
Irvin 2017-08-01 15:28:09

Any learning is worthwhile
navinsinghweather 2017-08-01 15:21:10

Excellent and comprehensive course on how to communicate Extreme Cold and Wind Chill impacts to public agencies.
mlheaton 2017-07-21 11:57:36

enjoyed the way the information was presented, helped my overall understanding of these subject.
mcduck 2017-07-19 14:06:42

This is a good, easy to understand lesson. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others, particularly in the Community Emergency Management field.
ddunn11965 2017-07-19 10:08:29

Lesson was very eye opening as to what is affected by wind chill
leithal1101 2017-07-18 21:09:48

great lesson
2017-07-18 20:11:47

This is good information for everybody
lngim 2017-07-11 23:57:56

Very informational training.
sekhonb 2017-06-29 13:36:23

Good outline for forecasting extremely cold weather forecasting.
shaggy073077 2017-06-28 14:20:24

WHCCtechvolunteer 2017-06-28 09:25:00

I thoroughly enjoyed this module. It contains a lot of information on how to prepare yourself for extreme cold and the Watches and Warnings that the NWS issues for wind chill.