WPC Rainfall Guidance for Tropical Cyclones

WPC Rainfall Guidance for Tropical Cyclones
Cisom82 2017-08-21 18:55:38

My issue with the test was that I live in an area that doesn't see many TCs and I found the info to be unfamiliar based on no experience. Otherwise I would recommend the test to others because it was very informative.
obermudez2001 2017-08-17 08:40:13

Like very much the booster questions subscription idea/initiative to keep me up-to date with lessons and new topics.
teddytoy 2017-08-15 18:42:46

I run two FB weather pages for the Tampa Bay area. While I am not a met, I am trying to learn more to provide a better service to our community. These courses are great for learning topics that apply to your particular situation. Since I live in an area where weather can and does change by the minute, I need to be able to use all of the resources available to me.
nitro830 2017-08-08 20:02:50

it was great
Renegade 2017-08-08 13:59:34

Opens up asking the reader to assess the rainfall forecast. It was a good forecast, not very good as subjectively stated in the material.
navinsinghweather 2017-08-01 19:08:01

Excellent information on how to predict rainfall and flash flood potential associated with tropical cyclones. It was a challenging course but improved my knowledge a lot.
Bassampp 2017-08-01 12:17:47

Great brush up for Tropical season
Bassampp 2017-08-01 12:17:47

Great brush up for Tropical season
sekhonb 2017-07-20 09:45:59

Applicable information and well put together in terms of instructional design.
CoCoRaHs: CT-FR-44 2017-07-20 07:47:58

Overall this module was fantastic which is why I'm giving it 5 stars, however when I went to do the survey using the new MetEd survey form it would not let me submit it. Therefore I had to use the old system to get my certificate.

[Editor's note: Thanks for reporting the bug, this has been fixed. ]