Sea Level Change: Basics

Sea Level Change: Basics
  1. Identify important influences in sea level change
  2. Describe why projections of sea level change are important for coastal projects.
  3. Describe physical processes that influence ocean volume and density, including recent examples of local/regional sea level change:
    1. Thermal expansion
    2. Storage vs release of water from land
    3. Melting land ice
    4. Sea ice loss
    5. Ocean currents and climate cycles
  4. Describe coastal land elevation changes that influence relative sea level, including recent examples of local/regional change
  5. Describe impacts of Glacio Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) and where this may be important
  6. Describe the coastal land processes in subduction zones and how this may lead to either rising or falling coastal land elevation
  7. Describe human-induced subsidence of coastal lands due to:
    1. Groundwater and mineral extraction
    2. Controlling rivers