Wave Types and Characteristics

Wave Types and Characteristics
gsb12 2019-12-08 11:44:01

Good module.
lk845737 2019-05-26 18:36:06

josaia 2018-09-12 07:40:18

better understanding
Aimeedisoso 2018-08-13 21:13:50

It didn't flow very well for me.
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AG2 Lindell 2018-04-24 13:18:45

Exactly what I needed for my job
rocktim 2018-04-01 09:46:04

A very nice experience. Learned many basic and fundamental concepts.
pwarupi40 2018-03-18 19:58:19

Very useful for our duties in Maritime forecasting daily.
Renegade 2018-02-07 13:57:57

Excellent use of examples, including graphics and animations, to describe the main points. Inclusion and clear explanation of equations benefited my understanding of the content and its applications.
luckyfugro 2018-01-17 02:09:04

Good course, but need some improvements
aliceidasofie 2017-11-19 20:37:11

radlib 2017-11-14 14:54:24

it was good
virix 2017-11-04 16:39:10

some of the video is helpful
golac1 2017-10-18 19:12:03

Joenavy 2017-10-07 20:01:11

Another tough course, pay attention !
sharon.sullivan 2017-09-26 21:52:21

Liked the situational questions, but need more scenarios to describe in the actual learning modules. Helpful lesson to use though
Remi 111 nazari 2017-07-21 20:24:53

loved it my favorite lesson I have done so far, a lot of information learned
ejcastilloba 2017-04-25 15:43:00

I like this because there has been changes in the plattform to develop a better understing to no english speakers as the option to reading instead of listening.
Andres H 2017-04-24 16:18:36

MelissaPardoAltamar 2017-04-23 01:40:18

In the first part of the lesson, the speaker talks too much fast that difficult for the student to understand everything.
chodonn 2017-03-10 15:43:30

This was a fun quiz
DaleCS 2017-02-24 10:55:24

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EAGUIRRE 2017-01-02 06:11:53

interesting, but rather complicated
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This is on the job training, I'm very glad to be able to receive university accredation as well as on the job training
zadouri 2016-11-29 02:22:07

djrusk58@gmail.com 2016-10-23 09:54:20

Worth the time to learn some key concepts about ocean waves.
Jonathon Fluker 2016-07-28 02:06:45

thank you
samy831 2016-07-26 10:48:24

it was interesting to learn about the way waves work!
ImamP 2014-05-19 08:36:55

A good and easy to understand course even for a beginner with little background in meteorology, and filled with some questions inside the course to make we think before press the next button
van Steenwijk 2013-12-22 11:56:38

Nice course explaning diffcult stuff in an understandeble way.