Forecasters' Overview of the Mediterranean and Europe

Forecasters' Overview of the Mediterranean and Europe
After completing this instruction, the learner will be able to do the following:
  1. Geography and Topography of Europe, the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas
    On a map, locate and identify the following:
    • Countries and major cities
    • Mountain ranges and plains
    • Islands
    • Major volcanic and seismically active areas (including tsunami risk)
    • Major rivers
    • Major bays and ports
    • Major inland water bodies
  2. Oceanography and Bathymetry of the marginal seas in the region, with an emphasis on the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea
    With the aid of a map, do the following:
    • Identify and locate major oceans, seas, trenches, and straits
    • Describe the bathymetry of the oceans and seas
    • Locate and describe ocean currents
    • Identify areas of sea ice
    • Locate areas with large and small tidal ranges
    • Identify significant ocean fronts, eddies, sea surface temperatures, and water clarity on satellite imagery and ocean models.
  3. General Climatology of the Mediterranean and Black Sea
    • Describe the seasonal climatology of jet streams and synoptic patterns
    • Describe the North African Cyclone (Atlas Low)
    • Describe the Genoa Low
    • Describe the Cyprus Low
    • Describe the Azores High
  4. Wind Regimes
    • Identify the synoptic patterns associated with high winds and seas (12 feet or greater/gale and storm force winds).
    • Identify the synoptic patterns conducive to the formation and cessation of mesoscale wind systems, including the following wind regimes:
      • Mistral
      • Levante
      • Bora
      • Etesian
      • Sirocco
      • Foehn
  5. Hazards to Aviation Describe the spatial and seasonal occurrence of:
    • Visibility
    • Turbulence (including orographic winds)
    • Sand storms/dust
    • Volcanic ash
  6. Hazards to Maritime Operations: Describe the spatial and seasonal occurrence of:
    • High winds and seas
    • Sand storms/dust
    • Maritime choke points
    • Sea Fog