Forecasters' Overview of the Mediterranean and Europe

Forecasters' Overview of the Mediterranean and Europe
billingsley1 2018-08-22 11:54:08

greenbean769 2018-02-27 21:13:10

This training/module is fantastic. It has everything you need to know about the Med. for forecasting the region. That is if you pay attention to it!
2017-07-30 01:40:04

lundja 2017-05-05 07:12:10

Fantastic overview of weather in the Mediterranean Sea, thank you!
10081343 2017-01-29 02:32:38

baura 2016-11-12 01:55:41

it was an informative lesson since its outside our region
jackmeteo 2016-11-04 05:08:11

very usefull
kdeezle 2016-10-25 07:49:07

Excellent source of information without overloading the user with mundane information. Great lesson!
michael.schlager 2016-10-04 00:59:20

I would watch a documentary program on this topic, fascinating topic on weather of another region I'm less familiar with. It was fun.
Svatava 2016-08-30 23:17:40

isagian 2016-08-24 01:42:04

Very good lesson
sarbogast 2016-08-22 12:04:33

I will share with my co-workers
pludwig 2016-08-19 02:11:02

Good lesson