Introduction to Geodesy and Mapping

Introduction to Geodesy and Mapping
mmsimard 2018-09-15 16:47:15

Although the material is difficult to grasp, it is well presented for someone who has no prior Geodesy/mapping knowledge.
jonja14 2018-08-21 19:51:23

muy buen curso
AC5JW 2018-07-25 08:12:41

I feel that the multimedia presentation is best used in conjunction with the text-based version for best understanding of the material. In my case, I was unable to use the multimedia presentation due to computer configuration issues.
Erik R. Sanchez 2018-06-26 23:13:09

muy buen aprendizaje
jadolfohe 2018-06-24 12:15:35

geodesy and mapping, helps us how to see the figure and magnitude of the earth.
marikak 2018-06-21 16:57:01

Its very informative and easy to understand. How things are described here is far more easier than how we think things should be.
RRR 2018-06-21 10:56:38

Me gusto la experiencia aprendí bastante, tengo estudios de mapas pero solo lo básico.
victoria99 2018-06-18 17:26:28

Excelente el tema
FEVANS 2018-06-16 17:29:17

hectoro 2018-06-15 14:55:34

aprendi mucho acerca de la geodesia y los metodos de como comprender y a ubicar un area
JoseNajera79 2018-06-14 13:00:59

Deyvin R. Ajbal 2018-06-12 18:20:03

buen contenido viene a reforzar los conocimientos para la navegación.
Lesbia Morales 2018-06-12 14:04:13

It is very interesting to learn.
jblaisdell 2018-06-10 19:41:07

A really clear and thorough presentation of often confusing material. The map projection section alone is well worth doing.
Amadah 2018-06-08 12:37:49

thank you
fedecastillo 2018-06-08 12:21:10

thank you
KAIBIL-1161 2018-06-06 22:21:06

Very difficult but of great importance the increase of knowledge. Very interesting and complex at the same time.
valenciachico 2018-06-06 15:02:18

strongly agree.
cmauricio74 2018-06-04 10:58:05

navegante7934 2018-06-02 01:25:51

devans06 2018-05-31 10:21:00

The animations of selected graphics enhanced the ability to grasp the concepts.
Miguel Toralla 2018-05-25 16:38:02

pic2 2017-11-30 17:01:29

this is on the job training for me.
estropia.marlon 2017-11-10 10:15:26

Very informative and easy to learn
elsy-ngalaha 2017-09-10 22:26:43

gamblejoel 2017-05-01 11:40:23

jkidd152 2017-04-15 13:23:27

Make it more mobile friendly
mrblazz 2017-02-03 05:19:41

a lot of information represented in this course highly recommended for everyone
tono22 2017-01-30 20:11:40

LotharIrausquin 2016-12-16 12:29:31

jajuarez 2016-10-30 08:39:34

This lesson needs a different interaction with media content.