HYSPLIT Applications for Emergency Decision Support, 2nd Edition

HYSPLIT Applications for Emergency Decision Support, 2nd Edition
This module helps forecasters provide decision support services during hazardous materials emergencies. Topics covered include:
  • Types of weather data inputs required for short-range dispersion models typically used by emergency managers
  • Types of inputs required to run the web version of the HYSPLIT model with the ALOHA source term, which is now available to NWS forecasters
  • The types and scales of events that are appropriate and inappropriate for modeling by HYSPLIT
  • Key uncertainties that can cause misleading dispersion model forecasts
  • The processes and limitations of CAMEO/ALOHA and HYSPLIT
  • How to read and interpret HYSPLIT output
  • How to handle special situations, such as when the meteorological models do not adequately represent conditions at the spill site
  • The role of emergency managers and how to effectively communicate with them
The second edition has been updated to reflect the addition of the ALOHA source strength term and CAMEO chemicals database to the HYSPLIT dispersion model. This addition requires forecasters to ask different questions of emergency responders, input different parameters into the dispersion model, and interpret and disseminate different output graphics.