Understanding Marine Customers, 2nd Edition

Understanding Marine Customers, 2nd Edition
After completing the instruction, the learner will be able to do the following:
  • Given a picture of a boat, name the various parts
  • Describe the characteristics of planing hull and displacement hull boats
  • Define boat stability and list the attributes that increase and decrease it
  • Describe the hazards associated with long and short period waves
  • Describe confused seas and the conditions that lead to them
  • Describe roll frequency and the characteristics that give a boat a fast or slow roll frequency
  • List the sea state and weather concerns of the following marine customers:
    • Merchant marine
    • Commercial and Sport fishers
    • Recreational sailors and motor yachts
    • SAR / law enforcement / emergency responders
    • Sea kayakers and other nearshore boaters
    • Scuba divers
    • Surfers
    • Beachgoers and tide poolers