Understanding Heights and Vertical Datums

Understanding Heights and Vertical Datums
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GPSman 2017-12-19 22:27:49

As an entity identified with surveying, a poll such as this one should not be called a "survey".
w.wefel 2017-12-09 22:51:15

Good comprehensive overview of height systems. The mystery of the St. Lawrence River flowing uphill is explained!
durces 2017-11-22 10:11:42

Thank you
SanAntone 2017-10-04 12:21:18

This lesson on understanding heights and vertical datums is helpful for a broad overview of the subject, however, it might require more than once going through it to fully absorb all the material. I wish there were more examples of what the various datum systems describe since it's not so easy to see what the differences are. Also, the 18th century controversy between Newton and Cassini does not explain what methods they used to settle the question, but perhaps that is beyond the scope of this lesson.
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The study is good and has the capacity to increase the knowledge of students. The lesson materials are also fixable Nad easy to understand.
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Very good material for concept clearance and pracice
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Enjoyed the lesson.
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I am a licensed Land Surveyor and this type of online training is very helpful to maintaining my understanding of issues related to my profession.
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Lesson may be easier to follow if more animated video explanations are done.
dmelton 2017-09-11 19:49:44

A very good introduction to the subject of datum and the difference between an ellipsoid and a geoid.
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Gives a good general understanding of vertical datums and the principals behind them
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This course gave me a much better understanding of heights and vertical datums.
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I'm sure you could not imagine it!
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Great overview of the intricacies involved with determining "height".
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Very informative!
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A very good introduction for understanding heights and vertical datums.
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I would like to see more examples in understanding the heights and vertical datums.
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Nice course, for learn about heights and vertical datums
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I would strongly recommend this course for all GIS oriented students. It is very good opportunity to learn new skills.
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I really appreciate the training regiments, and the opportunities to be able to utilize them, they are really great tools, and well defined educational proprieties.
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I liked a lot!!! thanks NGS
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Great learning module, Thanks NGS and others who help put this together.
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Great overview, kudos to NGS for helping to create this.