Weather Decision Support for the National Airspace System

Weather Decision Support for the National Airspace System
  • Identify the components of the National Airspace System (NAS)
  • Describe the components of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Organization (ATO)
  • Identify how various weather events affect the NAS and its different components
  • Describe the needs of the FAA for weather information
  • Produce a briefing that meets these needs for various situations, in a language appropriate to the FAA
  • Given various weather or natural hazards, follow best practices for forecasters in the Center Weather Service Units (CWSUs), Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs), Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC), Aviation Weather Center (AWC), and Alaska Aviation Weather Unit (AAWU) to:
    • Identify their aviation partners’ needs and decide what coordination efforts to initiate
    • Communicate weather information about the issues of greatest concern to their FAA partners for terminal and en route operations
  • List key ways that aviation meteorologists provide Decision Support Services to the NAS