2019 NWS Satellite Applications Workshop

2019 NWS Satellite Applications Workshop

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The US National Weather Service (NWS) 2019 Satellite Applications Workshop was held 30 July-1 August 2019 and was co-sponsored by the NWS Operations Proving Ground (OPG), NWS Office of the Chief Learning Officer (OCLO), and the GOES-R and JPSS Programs. The workshop included 12 sessions in which NWS forecasters shared success stories, best practices, and ongoing challenges associated with integrating next-generation satellite products into the operational forecaster’s decision-making process.

The recorded sessions are available for viewing and include the following topics:

  1. Heavy Precipitation and Flash Flooding in Mountainous Terrain
  2. Detecting Blowing Snow
  3. Lake Effect Snow and Blizzard Warnings
  4. Mesoanalysis and Storm-Scale Applications
  5. Weather Prediction Center Applications
  6. Ocean Prediction Center Applications
  7. GLM Applications for Lightning Safety
  8. Detecting and Monitoring Volcanic Ash
  9. Wildfire Applications: Warn-on-Detection Fire Warnings
  10. Wildfire Applications: Big Timber Wildfires
  11. Assessing Uncertainty in Convective Operations
  12. Polar Book Club

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