Instrumentation and Measurement of Atmospheric Radiation

Instrumentation and Measurement of Atmospheric Radiation
  1. Identify the portions of the electromagnetic spectrum that provide information about the energy balance on Earth.
  2. Define radiance, irradiance, radiant flux, and actinic flux.
  3. Explain how radiance, irradiance, and actinic flux are measured.
  4. Describe the main sensor types and techniques used to measure radiation in the atmosphere.
  5. Estimate the net irradiance using data from a set of upward- and downward-looking radiometers.
  6. Explain some of the challenges involved in obtaining representative atmospheric irradiance measurements from various platforms.
  7. Differentiate between cloudy and clear-sky conditions based on plots of visible and IR irradiance.
  8. Select the radiation sensor that might be most appropriate for a specified measurement and scientific objective.