An Overview of Tropical Meteorology



This distance learning course is a committed effort to provide forecasters with a better understanding of the meteorological processes in the tropics and lead to more advanced study in tropical meteorology. It also aims to stimulate future research focused on forecasting problems in the tropics. The modules that comprise this course provide introductions to the atmospheric processes in the tropics and recent developments in the field of tropical meteorology.

Goals and Objectives

Course Goal

The goal of this course is to introduce forecasters and other learners to the following:

  • Atmospheric Circulation in the Tropics.
  • Tropical Weather Features such as Tropical Cyclones, Monsoons, Easterly Waves etc.
  • Major Cycles dominating intraseasonal and interannual tropical variability
Course Objectives

The instructional objectives for this course are to provide a review of the following core concepts:

  • Evolution and tracking of the major cycles dominating tropical variability
  • Brief overview of Equatorial Waves
  • Remote sensing in the tropics
  • Distribution of Moisture and Precipitation in the tropics
  • Brief Overview of Tropical Cyclones
  • Extratropical Transition


Course Outline

Additional Resources

Course Outline