Other Training Resources


EUMETSAT Resources:

  • Online Training Library: A search engine that provides access to training sessions in meteorology, oceanography, hydrology and land applications by various organizations
  • Case studies: A library of satellite images/products that demonstrate interesting phenomena and weather situations in various regions of the world
  • Real-time imagery: A comprehensive compilation of EUMETSAT satellite products (image-data loops, visualised products derived from satellite data and a selection of RGB composite images) in graphical form, provided on a 24/7 basis (plus an archive of 100 files per product)
  • Topical images: An archive of satellite images of various situations, such as dust storms, floods, and volcano eruptions
  • EUMETSAT satellites: Describes the meteorological satellites and their ground systems that deliver data, images, and products for weather and climate monitoring
  • Product resources and factsheets: Describes EUMETSAT products


  • Hosts a website with training materials, such as case studies, lessons, and recorded lectures, that aim to enhance the understanding and use of meteorological satellite data; sample topics include cyclogenesis and cold fronts
  • Hosts event weeks, a series of week-long online lectures and discussions on topics such as dust, convection, fog forecasting, and weather warnings
  • Offers a satellite course on the basics and interpretation of satellite data from geostationary and polar-orbiting weather satellites for forecasters from the EUMESAT member states
  • Website: http://www.zamg.ac.at/eumetrain/


  • The training co-operation programme between the national hydro-meteorological services (NHMS) in Europe
  • Provides online lessons on topics such as forecast verification and cyclogenesis in the Mediterranean
  • Offers training courses and workshops through the Eumetcal Virtual College
  • Provides access to online web conferencing and lesson development tools
  • Website: http://www.eumetcal.org/


SatManu (Manual of Synoptic Satellite Meteorology Conceptual Models and Case Studies):

  • Provides a collection of conceptual models and course lessons that teach users to interpret features in satellite images such as cold and warm fronts, occlusions, cyclogenesis, and convection
  • Website: http://www.zamg.ac.at/docu/Manual/SatManu/main.htm

SATREP Online:

  • A product of EUMeTrain, sponsored by EUMETSAT
  • Provides Meteosat satellite imagery and NWP model parameters and derived products four times day that forecasters and others can use to enhance their skills in recognizing conceptual models (3D views of the state of the atmosphere on a synoptic scale); 60 conceptual models are currently available
  • Offers online weather briefings (current and archived) and in-depth discussions of image interpretation
  • Website: http://satreponline.org/index.php

MSG MeteoCAL lessons:

ECMWF NWP course material: