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The ASMET (African Satellite Meteorology Education and Training) project produces online and CD-based learning lessons that teach African forecasters how to enhance their forecasts by making better use of meteorological satellite images and products. The lessons are produced by the ASMET team, which consists of meteorology instructors from the South African Weather Service (Pretoria), Institute for Meteorological Training and Research (Kenya), EAMAC/ASECNA (Niger), and Morocco National Meteorology Department or DNM (Morocco), as well as staff from EUMETSAT (Germany) and The COMET® Program (UCAR, USA). The project is funded by EUMETSAT and managed by EUMETSAT and COMET.

The ASMET library contains the following lessons. For more information on any of them, select the ASMET Lessons link in the menu.

For information about the ASMET project, email ops@eumetsat.int.