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In order to keep track of your progress on course modules, you'll need to register on the COMET MetEd Registration & Assessment website. Registration provides you with a record of your end-of-module quiz scores. These are tracked on your personal MetEd Record page. As you complete a quiz, your results will be e-mailed to you and, at your direction, to a supervisor, or other instructor with whom you would like to share your quiz scores. Each passing quiz score earns a Certificate of Completion for that module. Completing all the modules in the course will provide you with a Course Completion Certificate.

Some notes regarding the quizzes: All modules in this course have a brief assessment consisting of a series of multiple choice, true/false, completion, and matching interactions. Depending on the module, a score of 70-75% or higher leads to a passing mark that is tracked in the registration system *if* you are logged in when starting the quiz. The quiz can be retaken until a passing score is achieved.

The registration process is painless. Your information is private and will not be given out to anyone unless you request to do so in your user account information. If you're new to MetEd Registration & Assessment, jump to and register now.

IMPORTANT: If you have previously registered, please sign in and make sure your user account information is up to date. To do so, log in at and then follow the link "Change my user account information." If you are affliliated with one of the agencies or institutions listed on our system, you can select that entity directly. If you choose, you can select the checkbox giving permission to share your scores with your employer.

Quiz details for LMS users (NOAA, Air Force, Navy).

Once registered, please proceed to view the Course Outline...

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